October 5th, 2013

About Me

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I love to cook and this is where I dish about my favorite foods and how to make them. I feed three hungry boys (ages 12-19) and a hungry husband every day, so I try to keep things simple in the kitchen.

A friend once described my recipes as “uptown foodie meets real life,” which sums up my cooking philosophy perfectly. I rarely make anything that takes a long time or has a long list of ingredients. 

Some of the recipes are original creations.  Others are my adaptations of recipes I’ve collected over the years. You’ll find recipes from friends, favorite cookbooks and food blogs, and a few special recipes that have been handed down from grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

On Saturday mornings from May to October, you can usually find me at the local farmers market.  I love having access to all of that fresh, locally grown Colorado produce.  If there’s a farmers market where you live, I highly recommend checking it out!

I have a degree in Advertising from Brigham Young University, and I love using those skills here at Let’s Dish. And yes, I’ll encourage you to visit the farmer’s market one day and share a recipe made with canned soup the next. I keep artisan vinegar in the pantry and a tub of Cool Whip in the freezer. Because that’s what “uptown foodie meets real life” is all about!

I hope you discover lots of favorite recipes here at Let’s Dish. Thanks for visiting!