January 24th, 2014

Orange and Blue Broncos Themed Superbowl Party Menu

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Living in Colorado, I couldn’t be more excited about planning this year’s Super Bowl party menu! I’ve been busy coming up with some fabulous orange and blue game day food ideas. And there are even a few adaptations for Seahawks fans.

Blue and Orange Broncos Themed Superbowl Party Menu

Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing are perfect for a Super Bowl party, and if you’re a Bronco’s fan, the colors are perfect too. If you’d like to offer your guests something slightly less spicy (but still orange!), try these Spicy Baked Orange Chicken Wings.


It’s always a good idea to offer some lighter fare at any get together or party. For a healthy Broncos themed snack, stack some cantaloupe and blueberries on toothpicks or skewers. A small slice of prosciutto makes these easy appetizers seem like gourmet treats. Make sure to have a few without meat for your vegetarian guests.

Melon and Blueberries with Prosciutto

If you’re a Seahawks fan, try replacing the cantaloupe with honeydew melon or green grapes. A Super Bowl party just wouldn’t be a party without chips and queso. Simply replace regular tortilla chips with a blue corn variety and your chips and queso instantly work with a blue and orange party theme! I love this Queso Blanco dip recipe–just replace the white American cheese with yellow and keep it warm in your slow cooker during the game.


To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, I’ll be serving mini fruit tarts topped with well-drained, canned mandarin oranges and fresh blueberries. (Seahawks adaptation: replace the oranges with a small slice of honeydew or some halved green grapes. Or try using a key lime filling topped with blueberries.)

For more sweet treats, order some cupcakes from your supermarket bakery in your team’s colors, or create an orange and blue (or green and blue if you’re cheering for the Seahawks) candy buffet. If you’re feeding a crowd, these Sugar Cookie Bars are perfect for dessert. Besides being the best sugar cookies you’ve ever had, it’s easy to change-up the frosting and sprinkles to match your party’s color scheme.

Broncos Sugar Cookie Bars

Finally, don’t forget to pick up some colorful drinks. With all the specialty sodas available these days, chances are you’ll be able to find the perfect colors to match your Super Bowl party theme!

Broncos Beverages



  1. These are AWESOME. After last weekend’s game- I couldn’t be a bigger Denver fan. At least until after the Super Bowl 🙂 I truly hope that Peyton gets his ring & they do REALLY REALLY well.

  2. Lol I love the Seahawks adaptations. Nice to know that either your family or mine will be celebrating on Sunday night. 😛

  3. everything looks so good. i’m rooting for denver!


  5. Once again, how classy for a Broncos fan to give adaptations for Seahawks fans! I’m so proud of our team and our fans. Not surprised that one of their fans have to stoop to name calling. Why did you even look at this post if you are a Seahawks fan???


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