December 28th, 2009

Antipasto Platter

This is a beautiful appetizer that feeds a crowd and never fails to impress!  And with all the cheese, meat and veggies, it’s a real crowd pleaser too.

Antipasto Platter

Really, this is more of an idea than a recipe, so feel free to make substitutions and omissions to suit your tastes.

When I include mushrooms, I like to marinate them in some Italian dressing for a for a few hours first. This can get a bit pricey with all that meat and cheese, so I usually make it for special occasions and holidays.

I really love that this antipasto platter has something for everyone. Just serve with some crackers and slices of crusty baguette and you really can’t go wrong with this beautiful appetizer.

Antipasto Platter


  • 1 head Romaine lettuce
  • 2 teaspoons garlic salt
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 (8 oz.) bottle Italian-style salad dressing
  • 1/2 pound thinly sliced cooked ham
  • 1/2 pound sliced pepperoni
  • 1/2 pound sliced salami
  • 1/2 pound cheddar cheese, cubed
  • 1/2 pound mozzarella cheese, cubed
  • 1/2 pound pepper jack cheese, cubed
  • 1 cup fresh mushrooms
  • 1 cup whole pepperoncini peppers
  • 1 cup whole black olives
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes


  1. Wash and dry lettuce and arrange on a large platter.
  2. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon each of garlic salt, dried oregano and about 1/4 cup of Italian dressing.
  3. Roll up ham, pepperoni and salami and arrange around outside edge of platter.
  4. Fill center of platter with cubed cheeses, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and pepperoncini peppers.
  5. Sprinkle with remaining garlic salt, oregano and desired amount of Italian dressing. Serve with Italian bread or crackers.

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Who Dished It Up First: Antipasto in Italian means “before the meal.”  This is the original Italian appetizer.



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  2. I have GUEST CHEF feature on my blog! Would you like to be guest chef sometime? I would love to use this antipasto platter!!! arteachersusan at gmail dot come or @susieqtpies on twitter


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