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Let's Dish Recipes — What's Cooking in my Kitchen
March 21st, 2010

Orzo Chicken Salad

This is like a cross between a chicken salad and a pasta salad.  It makes a lot, so if you aren't feeding a crowd, you may want to half the recipe.  You can always use the rest of your chicken for soup.  You can also make this with a few cooked and cubed chicken breast halves, ... Read More

March 11th, 2010

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells

You really can't go wrong stuffing anything with melted cheese, can you?  My whole family loves these Three Cheese Stuffed Shells, which makes this meal a winner in my book.You can use manicotti pasta in place of the large shells, but I find the shells much easier to stuff. This ... Read More

March 7th, 2010

Decadent Brownie Pie

My middle-son (the one with great culinary vision) chose this recipe when it was his turn to help with dinner, and I am so glad he did.  This is one of the best desserts recipes I've tried in a long time!  I mean, it's basically a gooey brownie covered in chocolate ganache.  What's ... Read More

March 7th, 2010

Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon

This Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon is such a simple way to prepare fish, and my kids absolutely love it! I'm not the best at cooking on a grill, so the hardest part for me is getting the cooking time right.  Just don't forget to oil your grill grate before you ... Read More

February 22nd, 2010

S’mores Brownie Bars

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of marshmallows in their standard form. But I love a good, toasted, gooey marshmallow! So naturally I love s'mores! And these S'mores Brownie Bars are so good, and so easy! Best of all, you can make them indoors, so you don't have to wait for campfire weather to ... Read More

February 6th, 2010

Oreo Truffles

These are really easy to make, as long as you skip the chocolate dipping and just roll the truffles in sprinkles or crushed cookies.  If you are going to go the chocolate dipping route, I recommend refrigerating (or even freezing) the truffles again after you have rolled them into balls.The ... Read More

February 2nd, 2010

Creamy Tomato, Sausage and Tortellini Soup

The other day, I was reading my friend Christy's recipe blog, where she mentioned that she hadn't really cared for most of the tortellini soup recipes she had tried.  I felt the same way.  Most tortellini soups are broth based, and the tortellini tends to get too mushy by the time the soup ... Read More

January 28th, 2010

Grandma’s Banana Bread

This is the first banana bread I ever made.  I've tried making dozens of banana breads since then, thinking I might find a better recipe than my grandmothers.  It hasn't happened yet, and I always come back to this as my no-fail banana bread recipe.I'm not sure (maybe Alton ... Read More

January 25th, 2010

Coca-Cola Cake

This is a yummy, gooey chocolatey cake with a hint of cola flavor.  I really like it warm from the oven.  I'm told not to use diet cola or regular sized marshmallows (miniature only!) or the cake won't turn out.  I don't  add nuts to the frosting because some people ... Read More

January 11th, 2010

Ham Fried Rice

I don't know what they put in Chinese take out that makes it taste so good, but rarely am I able to replicate the flavors in my own kitchen.  This fried rice comes pretty close. It is a little on the spicy side, so omit some of the red pepper flakes if you prefer a milder version. You can ... Read More